Lottery Is Good

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  • Published : April 4, 2005
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State lotteries have been around for awhile to help build up state revenue. In such things as scratch off instant tickets or daily number drawings. To some these things are evil, but to some others who's lives aren't the greatest, it's a shimmer of hope that most people don't have. Now the thing about the lottery is a lot of people don't win, but those few that do could be put into a nice situation that they've never been in before. This is the land of freedom and opportunity, isn't that we are giving the commonwealth?

If we would take away the lottery it would take away from the retired people who the lottery money goes to as well. I don't like to know that the money is going to them, I rather see the state invest into the future instead of wasting money away on the past. Either way the lottery does help out certain people. "If nobody ever won the lottery, then nobody would play it. The public appreciates that the odds against them are very high indeed, but the purchase of a ticket gives them a chance of a fortune, however remote, and the opportunity to dream of a different life. As other forms of gambling are legal, along with many other ways of harmlessly but enjoyably wasting money, there is nothing wrong with the government benefitting from the pursuit."The odds against the common man are very great, so to them to have a real chance at overcoming everything in life with a purchase of a one dollar power ball ticket is worth it.

There are always people against everything, but the lottery is one thing that people can not really complain about. The people who complain against gambling are going at the wrong thing. The real addiction lies in the casinos and places like that. There is where people can drop five hundred dollars at a clip. People can sit in front of a slot machines for hours, most stores don't allow someone to stand at there front counter for hours, there is a security risk with that. I should know, cause I work at a gas station that does...
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