Lottery Addiction: Its Effects on the Respondents’ Economic Status in Nasugbu, Batangas

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A Research Paper

Presented to


Nasugbu Christian Faith Academy, Inc.

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements as

Secondary Graduates


Sibelle Justine L. Gallivo

Richard Jason R. Dastas

Angelica B. Magpantay

Ronnel Aries B. Ilao

Mark Bryan A. Ureña

Regine N. Antazo

Alfred C. Drio

March 2010


Sibelle Justine L. Gallivo

Richard Jason R. Dastas

Angelica B. Magpantay

Ronnel Aries B. Ilao

Mark Bryan A. Ureña

Regine N. Antazo

Alfred C. Drio

All Rights Reserve


Title:Lottery Addiction: Its Effect on the Respondents’ Economic Status in Nasugbu, Batangas

2. Researchers :Sibelle Justine L. Gallivo

Alfred C. Drio

Angelica B. Magpantay

Mark Bryan A. Ureña

Regine N. Antazo

Richard Jason R. Dastas

Ronnel Aries B. Ilao

3. Publication




4. Institution

4.1Name: Nasugbu Christian Faith Academy, Inc.

4.2School Year: 2009-2010

5. Statement of the Problem

1. Personal profile of the respondents in terms of:

1.1 sex

1.2 civil status

1.3 salary range

2. What are the effects of lottery to the economic status of the respondents?

3. What is the relationship of the respondents; bet to their employment status?

4. Who usually give the biggest bet: employed or unemployed?

5. Who usually play lotto: employed or unemployed?

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing lotto?

6. Summary of Findings

Profile of Respondents

With the total of fifteen (15) respondents, nine (9) or 60% were female while six (6) were males eleven (11) or 73.3% were married while four (4) or 26.7% were single by civil status; eight (8) or 53.3% of the respondents falls on salary bracket of Php 1,500 t0 5,000, four (4) or 26.7% with no salary , two (2) or 13.3% range a salary from Php 10,000 to 20,000 while a salary range of Php. 30,000 and above has one (1) or 6.7%.

Effects of Lottery to the Respondent’s Economic Status

Most of the enumerated effects listed by the respondents were affects the budget of the family resulting to the increase of allotted budget; affects the family relationship due to additional burden brought by playing lotto; intentional use of budget allotted to the children’s needs, and; highly emphasized fall of economic status.

Relationship of Respondents bet to their Employment Status

Employed versus unemployed status of the respondents established outstanding relationship with their bet. Eleven (11) or 73.3% were employed thus give there usual or bigger bet compared to four (4) or 26.6% unemployed.

Usual Lotto players between employed and unemployed

Employed respondents were the major lotto player since they have the means to gamble as compared to unemployed respondents.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Most of the respondents believed that playing lotto can only give hope of becoming rich through winning the jackpot prize.

Most likely playing lotto was disadvantages: fall of their economic status; family budget/allocation suffered; unwise use of the money; becoming unproductive citizen; lead to addiction thus committing unacceptable actions due to gambling

7. Conclusions

1. Since majority of the respondents were married and female, they invest their future through playing lotto hoping to win the jackpot prize.

2. Since most of the respondents were employed, they have the high tendency of playing lotto...
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