Lost Worlds Essay

Topics: Family, Mexico, Short story Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: February 6, 2013
I am who I say I am

When was the last time you thought about your family tree? The advancement of technology has an internet site where you can put in a name and like magic your ancestry is listed for you. Is it important for us to know our family tree? Will the knowledge of our ancestry affect our lives positively or negatively? Does t set the precedence of who we are? In the short story “La Promesa” (The promise) by Guy Garcia, I feel that the main character, Tom Cardona, exemplifies my belief that nurture can affect nature. The story begins with his grandmother showing him a picture of a woman whom she stated was an old friend, She wanted to know how her childhood friend was doing after so many years. She asked Tom to travel to Mexico to find out. Tom promised her he would one day. “I told her that no matter what happened I would never forget her. I will not rest in peace until I know what has happened.” Years passed and Tom lived the American dream, a wife, children, a two car garage and he was a registered republican. “After all he was an American, the son of an American born and raised.” He has all the wealth, material possessions and status of a true American. The story tells us about how Tom “cringed” whenever he thought of Mexicans. “You wouldn’t see him with his hand out for welfare.”. He considered his ancestry to be just a part of his history. He was noted stating that as the blood line progressed his Mexican heritage would be unrecognizable and who would care. “Until it didn’t matter where you come from or who your grandparents were, that was progress, the American Way.”. His grandmother died persisting from the grave to have Tom visit Mexico in search of this woman she called her nanny and childhood friend. The price of $30,000 was offered in exchange for answering a question that the dead could not hear. The story concluded with Tom finding the answer to his grandmother’s question and leaving him empty with no answers to his own. He found out...
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