Lost Property by James Maloney

Topics: Mother, Want, Parent Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Lost Property by James Maloney is a young adult novel that deals with relationships teenagers may experience. The novel, narrated by Josh Tambling, a seventeen year old high school student, illustrates what he learns through the progression of the story about his relationships with other characters. Josh learns that within a relationship, one must be completely honest to yourself and with other people. Josh learns that in relationships, he must be honest with others. He learns this through his older brother Michael as he travels up to ‘find him, and bring him home’. Josh also learns that he can’t always control what happens when in a relationship. Josh also realizes not to jump to conclusions about things you don’t understand. Furthermore josh also realizes he must also follow his own heart and be who he is. Josh learns through the relationship with his father, Phil Tambling that is important to be honest with yourself and others. Josh’s relationship with his father is particularly interesting. Josh idolizes his father as a “legend” at the start of the novel, and doesn’t want to disappoint him like his older brother Michael did. However as the novel continues and Josh experiences more independence, he learns he can’t always follow in his father’s footsteps

An excellent example of this is the differing view of religion. Josh becomes aware of the fact there is no God early in the book. However instead of telling his father he no longer wants to go to Sunday mass, Josh continues to attend Mass with his family to avoid disappointing his father. “No, God was all in our minds. Or at least he’s in the minds of the people around me, but he’s not in mine, not anymore. It’s easy to say those things in my head. No one hears but me, and certainly not my father, standing beside me.” (p55)

Josh spends most of the novel talking to Gemma about the idea of there ‘not being a God watching over us’. Josh’s decision about telling his father took a lot of thought and courage,...
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