Lost in Yonkers and One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest Critical Lens

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  • Published : March 2, 2010
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The Unintentionally Hero
Umberto Eco once wrote, "A real hero is always a hero by mistake..." This quotation means that when a person doesn't intentionally try to be a hero, but results in being the hero, is a true hero. I agree with this quotation, as it holds true in life and in literature. Both Lost In Yonkers by Neil Simon and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey, support that heros are those who act bravely upon themselves and not those who act the way to become the hero.

Lost In Yonkers is a story about a father, Eddie, who has to leave his two sons with his mother for care. He has to leave because he borrowed a mass amount of money from a loan shark to pay for his wife's medical bills. Eddie tells his boys, "The doctors, the hospital, cost me everything I had...And everything I didn't have...And finally it cost me everything i was going to have...I was broke and I went into debt...Into hock...Only I didn't have anything left to hock...So i went to a man...A shylock, they call him...A loan shark." A loan shark is a person who specializes in marking loads to desperate people. Eddie couldn't have gone to the bank because the bank would of refused or asked for interest or for collateral, all of which Eddie can't afford. A shylock doesn't need collateral. His collateral is your desperation. When Eddie got the money form the Shylock, a clock starts. When the clock is up, the Shylock expects his money and if the money isn't there, lives will be taken instead. The only way for him to pay back the Shylock was to take a job selling scrap iron; however, the job requires a lot of traveling. The only way for him to take the job was to leave his sons. It is revealed in the dialogue the misery he feels. He loves his sons tremendously and feels awful that he has to leave them for nine months. He says, "I'm not asking for myself. I'm asking for my boys. For my boys, I'll be obligates," to Jay and Arty. In this dialogue passage, he shows that for his boys, he'll...
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