Lost in the Woods

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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It was a crispy cold morning and also was the first day of “Survival Camp”. At that time, I didn’t even know how to tie my own shoes. I was still a young chap and wandering why I was here. I thought my parents hated me because, “Survival Camp” was only for the bad kids who were kick out of school for. I played along with the small games and activity’s we played. I had not always been cautious of other people. They did not play fair. I was afraid of being near them. Yet they find there way to me, ruining my day. There behavior was making me become just like them. I remember the time I could trust people and expect them not to say it to anybody else. With these maniacs, you can’t tell anybody anything because of there loud mouths. I just wanted a way out.

Tonight was the night, when the leaders were picking team for the kids. (SD/Touch) We all sat still, huddled on top of each other. I hoped with all heart I would not be grouped up with juvenile kids. I didn’t think I would get pick with the few normal kids but I was fine with that. As everybody talk, the leaders made a humongous bonfire. One by one they pick teams that you would stay with for the rest of the week with. When they called my name up, I didn’t hear until some older kid shoved me and yelled at me for not answering. I quickly and loudly screeched “Dennis Fadeev right here”. They marked me down and I instantaneously got out of there. All I could think about was that jerk that shoved me. In big red letters, I wrote, “The kid in the blue jacket and red shorts is a Jerk” in sharpie all across the bathroom doors and glass mirrors. As my anger calm down, I went back out to realize that I was partner up with the person; I prayed not to get partnered up with.

That next morning was even colder than yesterday. I was very upset still for the night ago. It was time to meet this bully kid. I was kind of feeling scared. As he talks to me, I didn’t pay attention; the only thing I got from this was...
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