Lost in the Kitchen

Topics: Family, Female, Male Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: February 9, 2011
Dave Barry, in his article, “Lost in the Kitchen, “discusses how men and women have changed their line of duties in the 21st century. It has become common today for men to do less work than women do. After observing a few happenings at a Thanksgiving dinner, Dave Barry explains that he believes men are useless, though he is a man himself. I admire Barry for expressing his thoughts and I support his honest opinion in that men are useless.

A long time ago, before the Women’s Liberation, the ideal American family would have the males take care of their finance and mechanical work, while the females take charge of cleaning the house and cooking for their family. After the Women’s Liberation, it seems as if men had started to kick back and relax while women step up and be the one in charge. I agree with Barry because my mom confirms it. My mom has given birth to four boys who do nothing but sit at the computer and play online games. When my mom mows the lawn, none of the boys offer to help out this old lady. They don’t even notice that she is mowing the lawn because they are so absorbed by the computer screen. If these boys can’t even offer to help out with something they are 100 percent capable of doing, how will they be able to take care of their own family when they get married and have kids (if they are able to)? Another example is that one of my older brother never wakes up on time to go to his college class at a community college. My mom constantly wakes him up every five minutes to get him ready for school. This is a 19-year old boy. My brother can’t even wake himself up to go to school. This is something my 10-year old niece does by herself. How are men going to be able to go to work and get paid if they can’t even wake up on time?

My conclusion, then, is that now that women have asserted themselves in society more and now do a lot of tasks that men usually do, the men just let them. To put it another way, men usually do nothing.
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