Lost in the Big City

Topics: New York City, Starbucks, Coffee Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: October 26, 2012
Lost in the Big City
What do you think when you hear New York City, you think “BIG CITY.” People did not lie when they said, Big City. When I took, my first step out I felt “horrifying rush” (Lahiri 172) of people passing me. Endless amounts of streets surround me, I felt like a rat in a maze. I did not know what street I should go on to get where I wanted to go. There was endless amount of cars flowing through the streets and honking their monotone horn. Never- ending noise generated by rest of the things around me. So many different surround you as you work. In the city it may not be a wise idea not to ‘travel alone” (Hasselstrom 354) in these crazy city, because you never know what or who you may encounter on these streets. Looking down, all I can see is the movement of a mass of people carrying bags, and dragging rolling backpacks. As I walked down the stagnant streets shoulder to shoulder with diverse group of people, walking down Wall Street I encountered women in elegant dresses and fancy business suits. Then I saw men in three price business suits and ties. As I walked down the area were the tragedy of 9-11 happen, I saw grungy construction workers. In addition, I see a man in clothes that looks like he pulled it out of the garbage. His clothes smells like something died on them, he clothes also had big holes and was dirty. When you walk into stores, you cannot shop, because of the mass of people that pack into the store like a can of sardines. The stores are big, but not big enough for all these people in this city.

As I walk down the crowd streets, I can smell all sorts of things. When I walk by the Starbucks Coffee, I smell the wonderful sweet coffee, and the smell makes me feel warm inside. When I go into one of the many coffee shops, I can tell everything that the store sells just by smelling the air in and around the store. When I pass by the numerous bagel shops, I can smell the different types of bagels and a great smell of cream...
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