Lost Chased by a Beast

Topics: Destiny, Eye color, Black panther Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The gloomy night filled with full distress in the air as if the night grew suspense. When the moon opened up it was as if there was a creature lying beneath an oak tree ready for its dinner. In the still of night there at that moment there was a creepy mystic creature staring from above to its prey of the night. It seemed very pacient as it slowly moved one paw at a time in a pattern or sequence timely as if waiting for a moment to come. The creature had black fur and at the edge of it paws its claws very thin and sharp to catch its prey. Thus it had to have those aspects in its inner self to be considered the abstract of nature it really was. Indeed it was no lost puppy or cute pet animal, this creature was in fact a beast.

The human on the other hand had much to worry about and had no similarities to this beast whatsoever. It was a male. A skinny man around his early thirties with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes with some goodness inside of him. The male always wore a hand bag with him kind of like a womens bag although it was much different seen as he was a man. Maybe not a perfect one since he had committed a few sins, but he would be very close to being one if it were not for stealing that bag from his old friend or for cheating on his own wife with his best friends girlfriend. Those priminors started to build up the darkness inside although there was still much goodness, the darkness overcame and it was that darkness on that single night that attracted the beast.

As soon as the clock struck eleven all the lights in town went off. What the people did not know was it was not accidently it was meant to have happened just like the man was meant to have tripped once on a white tile on his way home from work on that thursday night after a long day of dealing with unpacient clients. He had a fate marked for him. A destiny that lied right in front of him. Although he never was a true believer in it really destiny and sometimes found a...
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