Lost at Sea

Topics: Ocean, Water, Ethanol Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Lose At Sea
In accordance of our last task on article of ‘Lost At Sea’; we placed below (in table) all 15 items and ranked by the most important item first, as we wait to be rescued in the middle of ocean. ITEM RANK| ITEM| REASON|

1| A shaving mirror| In the day, mirror could be used for signaling to others by light. It is the most important item for communicating our presence.| 2| A 10 liter can of oil and gasoline mixture| The second most important item for communicating the others. It could be used for fire on water by using matchbox.| 3| A 25 liter container of water| It is very important to survive for several days.| 4| A case of army rations| This is our basic food intake.| 5| 20 square feet of opaque plastic sheeting| It can be used to protect from the wind and rains.| 6| 2 boxes of chocolatebars| Can be reserved for food supply.| 7| An ocean fishing kit with pole.| It can be used for catching fishes. Fishes can be reserved for food supply.| 8| 15ft nylon rope| Rope Could be used to lash heavy equipment together. | 9| A floating seat cushion with pole.| IT can useful as a life preserver if someone fell overboard.| 10| A can of sharkrepellent| There would be sharks in the ocean. It can be used to repel sharks.| 11| One bottle of 160% proof rum| It can be used as an antiseptic for any injuries. Drinking alcohol can dehydrate your body.| 12| A small transistor radio| Transistor radio cannot work in the middle of Ocean because it would be out of range from any radio station.| 13| Maps of the AtlanticOcean| It is useless without navigation equipment.| 14| A quantity of mosquitonetting| There are no mosquitoes in the middle of the Ocean.| 15| A sextant| It is useless without the relevant tables and a chronometer.|

Student Name: Nikunj Patel
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