Topics: Curse, Prince, Soup Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Done by: Azmeen Azeem 7C

Long ago in the kingdom of Tore which was named after
the king’s ancestor lived a King and Queen who had a beautiful daughter named Amy. One day the enemy spread a rumour that the King was eating all the money; the kingdom started to fall apart. So the King and Queen

gave Amy to their good friends, who were the only ones
who didn’t believe in the rumour; Natalie and Nathan.
Years past by and Amy grew older and sensible but
adventurous. She loved exploring new things and doing
them. Every day she would help her mother (who
adopted her) pick apples and make the fire but she
will always fumble up. This was because Amy was cursed.

When Amy was young; just about three months old a
witch who was the enemy of the King (Amy’s father) put a spell on Amy. The witch had said “as your daughter gets older she trip, fall and slip whenever she tries to do something. The only way for the curse to break is that the princess has to meet a prince which loves her more than anyone in the world.” It was one day before Amy’s birthday (20th November) and Natalie and Nathan were worried because this birthday of Amy was going to be the worst; they had to tell her that she wasn’t their child. They wouldn’t have told her if they hadn’t promised the King that they would tell Amy the truth. When Amy found out that she wasn’t their child she got really angry and decided that she had to leave. She got help from Natalie and then left; Natalie got worried that how she will cope with the outside world by herself. Amy had to go through the forest of strange things, the mountains of heights, and the worst of all the swamp of death. It was a long way and she had to go through this by herself. She had arrived at the forest of strange things the name was actually true they were really strange and different things there. Like a parrot with tiger feet, there were many things that did not make any sense. As Amy was going by a lady came to her and said “you...
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