Loss Prevention

Topics: Interview, Embezzlement, Employment Pages: 4 (1031 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Investigative Procedures
Adam Cash

The following paper will analyze the key strategies for reducing loss and providing increased security in a corporate workplace. The paper will also develop a comprehensive individual and corporate loss prevention plan based on the key principles of security.

Investigative Procedures
The scenario reported to the Director of Internal Auditing needs to be fully considered and understood to its fullest before any type of action is taken. Considering the facts of the case as well as proper review and retrieval of documents is crucial to the overall function ability of the corporation. In doing so, the plant controlled who is being accused of embezzlement could be spared the embarrassment and defamation within the community and workplace. Options

The company has access to various routes of proceeding through pre-investigation. Before a full-blown investigation gets under way on the plant controller and his alleged embezzlement scheme, the director of the internal auditing department needs to review in great detail all aspects of the anonymous tip that was given to him, and break down piece by piece all of the details provided in the tip. If the anonymous tip in itself seems contradictory of its allegations, a lighter and potentially easier investigation can then proceed. It could also be possible that the individual that sent in the tip might have had a personal altercation with the plant controller. This conflict of interest, many times, leads to others to act in a way of vengeance toward a fellow employee. (Employee Fraud and Embezzlement) Investigation

Assuming the investigation is indeed needed, understanding the proper steps of proceeding would prove to be extremely beneficial. A good first step in determining whether the embezzlement did actually occur would be to find out the overall total amount of the theft and how this type of action could have occurred. Also, removing the culprits...
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