Loss of Not Listening

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Listening is very important in life, through this you can better your chance’s in achieving your goals, on the contrary not listening properly can very well stop you from achieving your goals. And precisely that happened with me, when I was going to attend the GDPI of XIMB this march. After the declaration of CAT result, I made a list of college’s which gave me the call for GDPI .And at the top of the list there was XIMB .I had to attend it’s GD on 12th of march, so I called a travel agent to book a ticket at 11th for Bhubaneswar. I again called the agent on 10th for asking about my reservation and he told me I had a confirmed reservation, along with it he told me the details of my train and the timing of the train which was 11o’clock.But I didn’t paid enough attention that the train was at 11am which I was thinking to be at 11pm.And hence I missed my chance of attending GD of XIMB. When I thought about it that day, I did not felt very bad about it because I had many other option’s and eventually I got admission at FORE. But the absence of regret does not mean I haven’t lost anything, yes I am happy to be in FORE but I really don’t know how much I have missed just by missing a train and that too because of no good reason, but because I haven’t heard the travel agent properly. Now let us look on what probably I have missed in the whole experience, XIMB is among the top 20 MBA college’s of India, If I had cleared my GDPI than definitely I would have chosen it in comparison with FORE .I certainly would have chances of getting better placement. And because of this head start I would have better future prospects compared to those I am having now. When comparing both the college in terms of fee structure, the total fees of XIMB is 7 lakhs while that of FORE is 11 lakhs. Hence in both terms I am at a loss and it all happened just because I have listened properly to travel agent. Continuing in the above...
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