Loss of Innocence

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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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Many people experience the loss of innocence every day because it’s just a natural thing. One way that people loss their innocence is through the violence of war. Most people in a war will come unto the fact that it’s a kill or be killed kind of thing. Everyone would naturally choose to kill another man and that’s how many people in a war end up losing their innocence. Another way that people lose their innocence is when they witness the death of someone else. In the book “Fallen Angels,” Lieutenant Carroll stated, “Lord, let us feel pity for Private Jenkins, and sorrow for ourselves and all the angel warriors that fall. Let us fear death, but let it not live within us…” Basically, he is saying that you can’t be stuck on the deaths that you witnessed but that you should move on. Finally, people that lose their innocence will have to find new ways of living. Many people regain there innocence in war through death. There are some lucky people who will never experience the loss of innocence. The people that loss their innocence may encounter PTSD and other horrible things. In short, Even though people are born with their innocence, sometimes they are put into situations that could cause them to lose their innocence and deal with it.

At the beginning of life, people are born with their innocence, but they could lose their innocence in a Varity of ways. People that have their innocence are usually naïve to the things around them. Lieutenant Carroll stated, “… they get boys to fight wars. Most of you aren’t old enough to vote yet”. They are basically little children. For example, the people that join the war are usually excited. They think of it all as a game until they are put to the test. No one could ever imagine the terrors that a war could hold. It’s like being a new born baby. They don’t know the dangers of war and therefore are blinded by the things of the world. In the book Fallen Angels, all of the soldiers seemed to be very excited about going into the...
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