Loss of Childhood Innocence "The Catcher and the Rye".

Topics: Childhood, Debut albums, Adult Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: November 8, 2010
As we grow up , we first start off as being children who love to play at the park, play with toys and act crazy then , as time goes by we grow into mature adults where we realize all the silly things we did back when we were little kids were very immature and how know we have to face the real world. Hold Caufield is incorrect to say that people should keep living as if they were still children because childhood innocence was when we were children and now since we are young adults or just adults we should know how to act in a mature manner and not still have out childhoon innocence while were in out adulthood .

As people grow up they get mature and start living in the real world, they dont need to start acting immature when all of that was already back when they were children and had their childhood innocence. My evidence supports my thesis because grown people have more responsibilites then when we were children . "

While observing the children as i walked by the park i see that they jump around ,run,make silly faces, and goof off. i hear that they yell , scream , and shout. these are triats an adult should not have. why still keep childhood innocence when sometimes we are better off with out it . we all had good memories as a child , but we all need to grow up someday and realize that the past is the past and its now the future.

Some might say that even though we are grown its better to still have atleast some of our childhood innocence rather then being a boring person . I dissagree with this opinion because its not just being a "boring " person , its being a mature adult yes we still have fun and enjoy life but enjoying life doesnt always mean we have to act childish, we have responsibilities we have to complete such as work,pay bills,and take care of ourselves.

In Conclusion, Holden is incorrect with adults still haveing all there childhood innocence which is not a good thing adults should be mature and not childish.
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