Loss Causation and Prevention in Work Place

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 “Safety

is no accident. It is a responsibility, and a way of life.”  Most employees have the expectation that their workplace will offer a safe environment to do work  Workplace safety is a category of management responsibility in places of employment

 There

are several laws and acts designed to help the workers and prevent accidents.  The Factory Act, 1948; Boiler’s Act, 1923; Mines Act, 1955: etc. are the laws which deal with safety norms to be adopted and followed by the corporate.

What’s An Accident
 An

accident is unforeseen or unpredictable. It is something over which you have no control, and therefore it is unavoidable.  Occurrences which are not intentional, probably avoidable and certainly survivable, is an incident, not an accident.

Causes of Accidents
 The

main reasons for occupational accidents fall under one of the following broad categories:  Inadequate maintenance.  Poorly designed equipment.  Untrained employees.  Lack of policy enforcement or standard procedures(management control)

 Industrial

accidents are the result of unsafe practices adopted in an industry.  It is a neglect on the part of worker, management and supervisors.  The factors for the accidents shall be described briefly in the following .

 Neglecting

by supervisor: The supervisors, for quick and more production and to save cost, do not care for adequate arrangements like  helmets, goggles, safety belts, safety cloths and boots, etc.  There must be clarity in instruction and a new method should not be experimented blindly without adopting the safety norms.

 Carelessness

by Self  Unsafe equipment  Poor designing  Inexperience  Attitude

Consequences of Accidents
 Primarily

there are two types of consequences of accidents at work.  Direct consequences  Indirect consequences

Direct Consequences
 Direct

consequences are the immediate damage or injury that happen immediately after the accident.

Indirect Consequences
 Indirect

consequences are intangible.  These consequences affect the injured person mentally and psychologically.  Such cases that involve extreme emotional distress and verbal abuse may also sanction the compensation.

Losses of Accidents
 To

the employee:  The employee suffers physical loss and it may be death (fatal accident).  Second loss to the employee is the financial losses to him.  The third loss is fearfulness attitude in future, he becomes less productive and may be he is not fit for which he was originally employed.

 To

the co-workers:  Serious illness and death can shock everybody in a workplace  When a co-worker becomes seriously ill or even dies, the productivity of the workers and the dynamics of the entire workplace are affected.

 To

the company:  First loss to company is in the form of leave, compensation and medical benefits given to the worker.  Not only related only to the victim, but also the company has to incur wages for lost time of uninjured co-workers.

Employer Costs from Accidents
Cost variable Description

Fatalities, injuries and absenteeism
Staff turnover

Cost of lost work time, production, fines and legal payments Replacement training and recruitment costs Costs associated with retirement, fines and payments to the injured person

Early retirement and disability

Cost Variable Description

Damaged equipment
Lost production time Expenses not covered Opportunity losses

Repair and replacement costs
Losses in production Medical, travel, new clothing Lost orders, inability to start or finish orders on time


Finally, the loss is of good will, delayed supply of goods, and ultimately a chain of financial losses. Many accidents, shall have a detrimental effect...
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