Losing Your Identity?

Topics: United States, Promised Land, Immigration to the United States Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: March 31, 2012
People from around the world immigrate to the United States in hopes of finding the Promised Land. Some may define the promise land, as a land of freedom, a land of abundance, a land of peace, or a land of education. Most define it as a land of opportunity for a better life. America is a land full of culture and diversity, although it is notoriously difficult to characterize “American” culture. Is it possible to move to a land such as America, full of culture and diversity, and yet preserve your own traditions and cultural identity? Some believe this to be very difficult to do, due to materialism, beliefs and language barriers. The counter argument would be that Americans are open to new cultural experiences, are welcome to newcomers, and are willing to help give support. I believe that it would be difficult to move to America, try to find your place in materialistic culture while preserving your own culture and beliefs while learning a new language. There is a culture in this country whether spoken or unspoken. It is clearly visible in everything we say, do, or think. In the United States, we expect to compete in every aspect of our lives, a daily reminder of our status, the ladder of our success. Americans are materialistic. We want to own the newest iPhone, to wear the newest fashion, to drive the newest and most expensive cars, and to have a big house with a pool. We celebrate holidays and forget the true meaning of the day we are celebrating. Our traditions can easily include consuming goods that are unneeded or even unwanted. A few years ago my friend fell into great debt during the Christmas season because she and her family made too many purchases that exceed their income, only because they wanted to please others. I can see how this kind of behavior would be confusing or shocking to someone with traditions that have little to do with material items or status. In addition to many of our traditions being different, some of our religious...
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