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Topics: Neoclassicism, Baroque, Italy Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: March 13, 2013
When I thought of art, I saw it as an expression of someone’s imagination. In part, I was correct, but for the most part that is not all art represents. Art represents the way people react and change in perspective as well as in thought. It portrays their intelligence and their understanding of the world around them. It conveys the change of both political and economic ideals of the people and how they express themselves accordingly. In my opinion the most diverse types of art style are Rococo art and Neoclassical art.

Rococo art clearly showed the first drastic change of people’s thought during the enlightenment. This style of art is often refered to as “Late Baroque” because it came about in retaliation of the previous baroque art style. Rococo art is the reaction against the grandeur, symmetry and strick regulations of the baroque time period. In contrast it was jocular, florid, and graceful. It used creamy, pastel-like colors and incorporated themes such as romance, mythology, fantasy, and everyday life. This type of art was made for the senses of their viewer, therefore it was light, ornamental, elaborate, with asymmetrical designs, curves and gold. As you can see from the great contrast between rococo art and early baroque art work, it portrays the great disdain of the people towards their previous grandious government because it came in a time when the middle class was tired of being oppressed and that is how they rebelled to such a force.

Neoclassical art on the other hand, shows a change in the people but more so a regression in my opinion. It was inspired by the culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. It was the revival of classic antiquity and was based on the principles of simplicity and symmetry. It required from the artist a lot of order and restraint, making them have to be technical to achieve perfection. The paintings that arose during this time were lucid, polished, all in harmony, and balance. They used sharp colors and portrayed ideal...
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