Los Angeles Abrasion Value

Topics: Particle size distribution, Eucharist, Mass Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: April 21, 2013
This method describes the procedure for the determination of the Los Angeles Abrasion Value of aggregate

Australian Standard sieves (Grade B) as required.1
2 A thermostatically controlled oven with good air ventilation capable of maintaining a temperature within the range of 105°C to 110°C.
3 Sieve brushes.

4 Balance readable and accurate to at least one gram.
5 Sample divider of the multiple slot type. A suitable design is shown in Figure 1. 6 Los Angeles Machine essential dimensions complying with Figure 2. Worksheet, MRD 1165 (recommendation only) 7.

1 Obtain a test sample taken in accordance with Test Method WA200.1. 2 Select a grading defined in Table 1 appropriate to the particle size distribution of the test sample. 3 Wash the test sample by agitation under running water for approximately ten minutes. 5 Dry the test sample to constant mass (Note a), in an oven at a temperature within the range of 105°C to 110°C, cool to room temperature and sieve it on the appropriate sieves until a sufficient mass of each fraction has been obtained. Adjust the mass of material so obtained for each sieve fraction by quartering or riffling, if necessary, to within two percent of the relevant mass shown in Table. 1. Determine the mass of each fraction and combine the sieve fractions to form a test portion

), to at least the nearest 1g, of the test portion. Place it, together with the appropriate ball charge defined in Table 1, in the Los Angeles Machine. Rotate the machine for 500 or 1 000 revolutions as required in Table 1 (Note b).
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