Lorenzo the Magnifent

Topics: Lorenzo de' Medici, Florence, House of Medici Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: September 7, 2012
Jessica Wartman
Professor Eric Roberson
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Lorenzo The Magnificent
Lorenzo de’ Medici also know as Lorenzo the Magnificent was an Italian statesman. He was the son of Piero de’ Medici. The family came with the establishment of the Medici bank by Giovanni de’ Medici, Lorenzo’s great-grandfather (James). The banking system was appointed the official bank of the papacy. When his father Piero de’ Medici died in 1469. Young Lorenzo took over only at the age of twenty. Lorenzo de’ Medici was one of the most prominent individuals of the Italian renaissance. Lorenzo was a politician in Florence. Although he never held a title he managed to accomplish many aspects of the Florentine state; through the arts as well as through entertainment, also some violence took place (Columbia). Unlike most rulers that mainly used force and violence, Lorenzo gained his power through more peaceful manners by using his generosity that won the hearts and minds of his people. The arts were a significant part of Lorenzo de’ Medici’s rule. The reason the status of Florence’s was so high during the Italian renaissance is because of the funding from the Medici family mainly Lorenzo de’ Medici (James). Lorenzo spent an abundant amount of money on Greek and Latin literature manuscripts to have them reproduced (Columbia). His support to the arts gave him prominence in Florence. He encouraged Italian painters and sculptures, such as Sandro Botticollio, Andrea del Verrocchio, and his apprentice Leonardo Davinci. Lorenzo de’ Medici enjoyed teaching young students who came to his garden where he had a school for sculptors in San Marco to learn the styles of great artists of the past (Wagner, 56). One of his first students was Michelangelo Buonarotti who eventually designed Lorenzo’s tomb. (James). Poetry was also imperative to Lorenzo de’ Medici. He started to enjoy poetry as a young child. Lorenzo’s favorite poet was Dante Alighieri. Lorenzo’s love of poetry eventually...
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