Loreal Integration Marketing Communication Analysis

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The advertisement is placed by L’Oreal on channel NTV7 at night session, during 8pm to 10pm. The advertisement shows the two newly introduced skin care products under the L’Oreal Paris White Perfect anti-spot program, which is White Perfect Laser Anti-Spot Brightening Essence and White Perfect Laser Day cream with SPF 19PA+++. The objective for L’Oreal to launch the advertisement is to create awareness for the newly introduce skin care product. Besides that, the creative magnifier is emphasizing on the source of the ad in order to create an emotional tied and favourable predisposition among its target audience toward the new skin care products, and eventually create purchase intentions. The followings will discuss about the products feature, appeal and selling prepositions, audience and target segment, and the inferences drawn from the advertisement launched.

According to the advertisement, L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Laser Anti-Spot Brightening Essence and White Perfect Laser Day cream with SPF 19PA+++ are the first whitening skin care products created to achieve laser-like efficacy. The brightening essence is a lightweight essence which contains highly concentrated pure ellagic acid from natural plants, an active whitening ingredient which is highly effective in preventing dark spot as well as lightens pigmentation, darks sport, scars and other stubborn problem in deep layer of skin. On the other hands, the day cream consists of SPF 19PA+++ which can protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Besides that, the day cream contains Pro-Vanish active whitening technology, as well as Vitamin B, Procystein, and BHA, which helps skin tone become more even and bright. The two product work in synergy to help user achieve perfect fairness at home by reduce and lighten up the dark spot and scars while lighten up their skin tone. The whitening result that gained from using the two products is comparable to go through IPL treatment. Moreover, the products is with concrete clinically proven, as L’Oreal has appointed some women as volunteer to apply the products before L’Oreal launch the products. In result, sixty percent of the women have fairer skin as like the result of doing one time IPL treatment after eight week they use the products. The essence and the day cream are housed in a metallic deep blue packaging. This packaging helps L’Oreal to create perceptions of elegance and prestige for the newly introduce products, which are the White Perfect Laser Essence and Day Cream by using polished reflective surface packaging. 2.0 APPEAL AND SELLING PROPOSITION

2.1 Appeal
L’Oreal uses combination of informational appeal and emotional appeal in executing the advertisement. First, L’Oreal use feature appeal which focuses on the benefits of new White Perfect Laser series that consumers can be gained by using the products. The advertisement emphasize that the products can helps users to achieve laser-like efficacy, which result in perfect fairness skin without risks and fears. Next, in the advertisement, L’Oreal featuring celebrity Fan Bing Bing, appeals to emotional motives, which is self-esteem and pride. L’Oreal tries to portray the self-confident and pride of Fan Bing Bing is an outcome of using the new White Perfect Laser series. This can be shown as in the advertisement, after the light tube has pass over the face of Fan Bing Bing, the ways she stands and talks is much more confidents and pride. Besides that, L’Oreal also uses their theme ‘We are worth it’ in the advertisement to enhance consumers’ emotional attachment. This theme indicates that the beauty of the consumer is worth than the money they pay. Therefore, the theme also help to reinforce the feeling of consumers toward the products, and think that they deserved to become as beautiful as Fan Bing Bing after using the products, which is more worth than the money they paid.

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