Lord Randall

Topics: Anxiety, Interpersonal relationship, Poison Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: September 16, 2012
Witness’ Version
I am here to prove that my Lord’s mother is innocent and she did not do what is accused to her. I am the family’s servant. I work there all day. They are like my family already. Everyone treats me good. That family is great. Lord Randall and his mother have a good relationship. I can say that Lord Randall grown up well because of his mother. Lord Randall loves hunting. Sometimes, he lets us servants to go with him. It was fun indeed. Hunting may be tiring but Lord Randall does not usually feel it. After hunting, he usually tells his mother of the things he saw while hunting. When he met his beloved, we’re no longer invited for hunting. He’s with that maiden almost everyday. After hunting, his beloved cooks food for him. They spend time together. One day, while I was feeding the chickens, I saw a maiden and a man. I looked at the man and it’s the first time I saw him. I was surprised to see my Lord’s beloved with that man. I would like to tell Lord Randall about that but I wasn’t sure. Days after, I heard Lord Randall and his mother arguing. Lord Randall was advised by her mother to stay away from his beloved. This maiden just likes his money and she loves another. But he loves the maiden and he wants to see her every day. He can’t believe that his mother said that. I would like to join the conversation but I’m just a servant. That seems to destroy the relationship of mother and son. So his mother decided not to ask him to stay away from his beloved anymore. And their relationship was back as expected. Lord Randall sees that maiden more often. He is always happy. A day comes when it’s too early and Lord Randall went out. We don’t know where he’ll go. It’s unusual that he left early. His mother woke up and find out that his son is missing. She asked us if we know where he is but just like her, we don’t know. She’s so worried. She ran out. I followed her silently and I saw her at the maiden’s cottage. They’re arguing. I’m so curious. But I can’t...
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