Lord of War: A Personal Response

Topics: Russia, Soviet Union, Nicolas Cage Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: November 28, 2010
For my paragraph I decided to discuss the movie: Lord of War. In this story Nicolas Cage plays the role of an arms dealer. In my opinion, this movie is a form of popular culture because it’s a story on a very controversial topic and it delivers quite a powerful message to viewers.

In this film, Nicolas cage plays Yuri Orlov, a Russian international gun runner. This movie begins by telling the story of Yuri and his father, mother, and brother. Pretending to be Jewish, the family immigrated to the United States from Russia to escape the Soviet Union. In the slums of Little Odessa, New York, murder is an everyday part of life. Russian mobsters had also emigrated from Russia. One day, after witnessing a shoot out, it dawns on the twenty-nine year old that there is always going to be a high demand for guns. Yuri decides to start selling guns and makes his first deal. After the deal, Yuri finds himself a natural and addicted to the lifestyle. He begins going international, selling guns in the world’s fiercest warzones. The gun runner decides to bring his younger brother into the business. During a deal in Africa, the brother is curious and decides to find out the buyer’s purpose. He finds out that the guns are going to be used to murder a village of innocent people. Having a problem with this, the brother decides to blow up the trucks and is shot in killed in the process. After all of this, his wife later finds out his true occupation and ends up taking his son and leaving. Later on, Yuri’s uncle is killed from a car bomb by his competition. This movie influenced me and made me think about the consequences associated with this line of work. The message that I received from this movie, was that profit made in a violent trade often ends up resulting in blood on the hands of the merchant.
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