Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring/Catholicism Parallel

Topics: The Lord of the Rings, Frodo Baggins, Sauron Pages: 2 (825 words) Published: March 11, 2013


The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring is a movie that few can possibly hate. Not only is it an entertaining film, but it is also a compelling story. For Catholics, however, it is very compelling. The use of the characters, symbols, story-line, and more embody similarities between the movie and our Catholic faith. The ring taken upon by Frodo represents the cross. Just as the cross represents self-sacrifice for all the sin and suffering in the world, so does the ring. Literally the ring is Sauran himself yet Frodo feels this duty to destroy it, therefore the ring represents him bearing the cross as Jesus did. The “ring-bearer”, Frodo, symbolizes Jesus. As the cross weighed down Jesus’s shoulders as he plodded on to his place where he was to die, the ring likewise weighs down Frodo as he carries it to the doomful place of Mordor. They both share this burden, which they humbly take up to ease the suffering of others. This is essentially emulates the Way of the Cross. Jesus falls many times but has other people there to help ease his pain. This is the same with Frodo who is wounded and has people who care about him and heal him. Sauron, the eye and the Dark Lord of Mordor, resembles Satan. Sauron uses the ring to tempt people. It begins with Bilbo. He becomes so attached to this possession that it seems to almost possess him when he is around it. Boromir, also, becomes attached to the ring. He loses himself and yearns for that ring, causing him to chase Frodo around. Boromir becomes very upset with himself about the person the ring is causing him to become. Finally, we have Golem. Golem is the most attached to the ring out of anyone. He constantly follows the fellowship; just waiting for a time to pounce and make the ring is again. Satan tempts us every day with sin. Sin seems to be the easier way out and the more desired way, just like putting on the ring. Both cause people to act unlike...
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