Lord of the Flies Write Up

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Alessia Panetta

Title: Lord of the Flies

Author: William Golding

Genre: Novel

Setting: 1940’s, England, island in the middle of Europe, at this time Europe is engulfed in war

* Ralph – 12 years old, from England, leader of the group, he represents the human being instinct, he wants to survive, has fair hair, shows maturity by trying to be a leader, realizes that to survive the group must stick together and try their best to stay alive, Ralph feels responsible to take care of the littleuns as a leader, he tries to avoid savagery, Ralph wants to seem organized and pulled together, Ralph is the physic apparatus of ego, he does not want to take all the power, he wants the group to equally vote on a chief.

* Jack – antagonist, leader of the hunters, wants power, becomes wild and cruel, instinct of savagery, says he is going to kill the beastie and protect everyone, blue eyes, red hair= fire, mad, power, believes evil is inside everyone, paints face to camouflage himself as he hunts for pigs, Jack feels like he is being hunted, Jack creates his own tribe and invites everyone to a feast, Jack wants Piggy’s glasses, he feels empowered, fair hair vs. red hair, “we want meat”, Jack is the psychic apparatus of id, he was angry at what he was accused of, doesn’t care much for/about the other boys, he speaks for them saying we want meat.

* Simon – shy, sensitive, natural goodness, behaves kindly, Christ figure, loves nature, bright eyes, coarse black hair, bravest of them all, stands up for Piggy when the other boys pick on him, Simon was the first one to say the beast is just a fear inside all the boys, not an actual beast, Simon’s conversation with Lord of the Flies foreshadows his death later in the book, Simon is the physic apparatus of superego, he tries to be positive, help everyone, and doesn’t want anyone to be scared of anything.

* Roger – one of the castle rock fortress guards, Jack’s equal in cruelty, he wrecked the littleuns sand castles, he tried to throw rocks at Henry but missed him on purpose, his movements mimic Jack, he’s afraid to hurt Henry, Jack was afraid to hurt the pig, he wants to be exactly like Jack so he follows everything Jack does, Roger only cares about Roger

* Piggy – whiny, loves his Auntie, talks about her when he first gets to the island, acts his age (immature), intellectual, most of his ideas led to innovation, almost a female voice of reason on the island, his nickname (Piggy) was revealed, lack of a “voice”, not “allowed” to hunt with them, given menial tasks, works with Ralph, Jack always wants to make him feel bad and unimportant, Jack takes his glasses and uses them to make a fire, glasses=Piggy’s power, the inability to see things clearly, Piggy is the physic apparatus of id, he tries to be positive even when someone picks on him.

* Sam & Eric – twins allied with Ralph, always together, called “Samneric”, they are part of the “bigguns”, they tell the boys they have seen the beast, in reality they have seen a dead pilot who landed on the island, follow Ralph, they don’t have much a say in the book

Plot Summary:
Chapters 1-2: The boys were on a plane and the plane crashed and they ended up on this deserted island. They find the conch to represent order and authority. We learn Jack is aggressive and violent; the group forms hunters and vote on leaders. The beastie is first mentioned in these chapters, the litteun believes he saw snake-like creature in the forest. The first couple nights pass, they believe the best way to attract attention and to possibly be survived it to start a fire but this plan fails because the fire was left unattended.

Chapters 3-4: Throughout these chapters we see the boys’ personalities develop more, we see how aggressive yet civilized Jack is and Ralph wants to give into the games with the rest of the boys but as a leader has to act ad one and stay in charge. We learn what kind of boy Simon...
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