Lord of the Flies vs. the Destructors

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Fiction looks at all ranges of topics through the eyes of so many diverse characters. Lord of the Flies and The Destructors is no different in the sense you see two extremely striking situations through the eyes of surprising characters. These stories both take a look at society and the primitive aspects it can have. The main characters in the story are both children of young ages exhibiting surprising and sometimes extremely shocking behavior displaying a loss of innocence. They differ in the sense that Lord of Flies looks at how savage a human can get in desperate situations while the other is how savage a person can get against a society that feel victimized against.

These two novels have similarities that can be easily identified. They both display groups of adolescents that are interacting with extreme situations. Lord of Flies depicts children stranded on an island and they must come together in order to find these solutions. Desperation sets in which motivates them to start acting more and more savage as time goes on. This is similar to The Destructors because the short story displays a similar group of young children who display savage behavior to a community. While one is a residential community and another is an island, the island represents a community for these boys for the time of the story because they are stranded upon it. Both stories display a power struggle through two characters in them. Lord of The Flies shows this through Jack and Ralph and In the Destructors this is seen through Trevor and Blackie. Jack and Ralph both attempted to become chief of the new tribe, Ralph winning by a few votes. However, as time goes on their primitive behaviors shine through creating a divide between the children and Jack develops his own tribe. Jack’s influence motivates the children to become violent and savage toward Ralph and his group, resulting in killing one of Ralph’s friend, Piggy. All of the teamwork and civil behavior that Ralph represents...
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