Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

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Lord of The Flies: Vocabulary Words

Abyss (Noun): a deep, large space, gulf, or cavity.

The depth of the large abyss was immeasurable, but the scientists were determined to figure it out. (Option 1)

Articulate (Adjective): using language easily and fluently; having facility with words.

Variations: articulable, articulative (adjective); articulately (adverb) articulateness, articilacy (noun)

Studying French for five years made him a very articulate speaker, for it sounds as if he really was French. (Option 1)

Bastion (Noun): a stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle

Variations: bastionary, bastioned (adjective)

Our bastion had been damaged due to the war, so we could not find shelter away from the gun shots. (Option 1)

Blunder (Noun): A usually serious mistake typically caused by ignorance or confusion.

Variations: blunderer (noun); blunderingly (adverb)

He blundered though the whole room, yet never managed to find the flashlight. (Option 1)

Cascades (Noun): A waterfall or a series of small waterfalls over steep rocks.

Variations: cascaded, cascading (verb)

The hike up to the cascade was extremely painful, yet the beautiful sight of the cascade seemed to take the pain away. (Option 1)

Compressed (Adjective): pressed into less space; condensed.

Variations: compressedly (adverb)

We were all compressed inside the tiny apartment, for we had no money to pay for anything better. (Option 1)

Contemptuously (Adjective): showing or expressing contempt or disdain; scornful.

Variations: contemptuously (adverb); contemptuousness (noun)

Her contemptuous attitude was beginning to upset our host, but we still managed to maintain our temper. (Option 1)

Contrite (Adjective): filled with a sense of guilt and the desire for atonement; penitent.

Variations: contritely (adverb); contriteness (noun)

The way she was acting seemed very contrite, for it seemed as if she had done something wrong. (Option 1)

Corpulent (Adjective): fat and fleshy; stout; obese

Variations: corpulently (adverb)

The child had a very difficult time running up the stairs, for he had a very corpulent figure. (Option 1)

Covert (Adjective): concealed, hidden or disguised

Variations: covertly (adverb); covertness (noun)

The secret agent must reveal the convert location of the artist, for there is a threat upon him. (Option 1)

Credulously (Adverb): tending to believe too readily; easily convinced

Variations: credulous (adjective); credulousness (noun)

Her credulous attitude made it easy for her to be tricked; she was always getting into trouble. (Option 2)

Cynically (Adverb): a contemptuous disbelief in human goodness and sincerity

Variations: cynical (adjective)

She cynically told her brother to touch the hot pot; her mother was very upset with her.

Declivities (Noun): Downward slope or sloping

Variations: declivitous (adjective)

The declivitous mountain was extremely difficult to climb; our hike had to be canceled because we were all afraid we would fall. (Option 2)

Demur (Intransitive Verb): to hesitate because of ones doubts or objections

Variations: demurral (noun)

His mother always over thought everything; she demurred every action her son took. (Option 2)

Derisive (Adjective): Showing derision; ridiculing

Variations: derisively (adverb); derisiveness (noun)

She likes to derisive everyone around her; making people feel bad makes her feel good. (Option 2)

Diffidently (Adverb): lacking self-confidence; timid; shy

Variations: diffidence (noun): diffident (adjective)

She had a very diffident attitude; she never felt good about herself. (Option 2)

Discursive (Adjective): wandering from one topic to another

Variations: discursively (adverb): discursiveness (noun)

When he became nervous his conversations became very discursive; we couldn’t fully grasp any topic. (Option 2)

Disentangle (Transitive...
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