Lord of the Flies Speech

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Diana Bender
Parker Community Academy Rm. 306/7th
Starting Right Now…

Hello my name is Diana Bender and I have called this meting on today to discuss the problems that have been going on on this island. The problems are; people are getting killed, there is not enough communication between you all, and the lilun are running around here there not really being watched. You guys are the oldest and you’re the ones that have to take full responsibilities over the younger ones. Weather you like it or not it’s something you got to do. Now with this killing can’t anyone tell me it was an “accident’’. There is absolutely no reason in the world. The two is Piggy and Simon! Nothing should result in murder y’all have to learn to reason and you better learn fast. Another thing why are you guys arguing so much and fighting against each other like you’re doing? When it comes down to survival of your life you all have to depend each other. Depending on each other is not a cut throat ordeal. If you boys continue to go on like this, then I can bet my last $2 that when I come back all of you are going to be lying on the ground DEAD. Starting right now! RIGHT NOW! You’re going to work together, have each other back in the long run, protect the lilun, and protect your self. You are to survive this island like the smell of your bodies just may kill you. NOW! On the count of 3 I want you say “WE CAN DO IT”, say it again, “WE CAN DO IT”. , that’s what I’m talking about. Starting now.
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