Lord of the Flies Simon as Christ

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  • Published : February 21, 2002
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Simon, Christ-figure?

In the book Lord of the Flies the charecter, Simon, is portrayed as a Christ-figure. He is shown to have all the qualities Christ has: intelligence, determination, and resiliance. Simon also is portrayed like Christ physically, he is skinny and not a strong person. Simon was very calm, kind, and he enjoyed being alone when ever he could.

Simon was made fun of by the other kids because of how he acted and the things he said. One such occasion was when he was talking to Ralph and said, "You'll get back to where you came from" to which Ralph replied a few lines later, "You're batty." (Page 111) Simon here has a prophecy about Ralph, and was made fun of for what he believed. Jesus was made fun of in much the same way especially when he spoke of the Kingdom of God. Both Jesus and Simon had prophecies about things to come, and they were both persecuted for sharing those prophecies.

Simon also never fell for the illusions of the beast and despite the fact that he is one of the smallest biguns he never follows the others and always does what he wants to and says what he wants to. One such occasion where he shows his defiance of the others beliefs is when he says to everyone, "I think we ought to climb the mountain." (page 128) This shows that he knows the beast isn't real and he shows no fear of the unknown. Christ called people to do things they thought impossible just as Simon did here. Many people said that the things Jesus wanted them to do were impossible, and here whne Simon said they should do something they said that since the three strongest boys couldn't do it no one could.

Simon was even sacraficed during the ritual dance so that the other boys may live. When Simon died he was killed by all the boys, but many of them are told that it wasn't really him. Ralph knows it was Simon they killed, and he realizes how everyone is becoming because Simon died. Also the way Simon was shown in the movie after he died showed...
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