Lord of the Flies - Simon.

Topics: Want, William Golding, Novel Pages: 2 (871 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Being stranded on an island with no parents is a difficult situation to adjust to. In the book Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, Simon is a young, deep character who finds himself alone. When being trapped on the island, this inspirational character is deteriorating inside, as he tries to help those around him. The kind-hearted boy is a very calm, quiet and shy person, who does not take stress well. Even though, he seems happy on the outside, there is a side of him none will see. The boys do not realize that Simon is a key person to their development, and from the very beginning of the novel he is made out to be an outsider. Simon’s adult like intelligence and understanding of situation is what leads him to separate from the main pack. By the end all he has left is himself. Simon is usually a very calm person who has the touch of understanding people. When Simon gets mad or frustrated he pulls himself out of the situation and takes a breather. He doesn’t like being in an argument and understands the importance of rules - “We need an assembly to put things straight” he suggests, helping the boys to settle down. Simon’s brilliance shows more to him than people know. He helps calm down Ralph, who is the leader of the tribe; he creates a temporary peace between Ralf and Jack, as well as he is always willing to help littluns. This young person understands what people are going through. Simon’s maturity makes him different than the rest of the boys, so he ends up separating from them and concentrating on his inner world and his own personal issues. More than others he realizes the importance of rescue: “Don’t you want to be rescued?” Simon wonders, not gaining an appropriate reaction from the rest of the boys. Throughout the whole beginning of the novel this young character attempts to help the others and emphasize the importance of cooperation and being civil with one another. As he was not able to affect the rest of the accident victims,...
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