Lord of the Flies Setting Essay

Topics: Ontology, Seashell, Fiction Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: July 10, 2011
In the text "Lord of the Flies"; written by William Golding, the presentation of the setting effectively developed the main themes of civilization and the loss of innocence. The physical location (the remote island) which this novel was set in helped serve the theme of constructing civilisation. However, as the stranded boys progressed on this island savagery overwhelmed their instincts and this helped develop the theme of loss of innocence. "Lord of the Flies" was set on an isolated tropical island which has fresh water, fruit, wood for shelter and fire and no dangerous animal life. There were no other human inhabitants on the island and, it was suggested, there never had been. As Ralph, Jack and Simon climbed to the top of the hill for the first time, they asked who made the tracks that they followed. "Animals" was Ralph's conclusion. Essentially the setting was a virtual paradise and took away all society's restraints on behaviour and allows the actions to take place. Life for the boys should be easy. This way, the island became similar to a bare slate waiting for humans to create their society and make their mark. This contributed to Golding's idea of building up civilization. The lagoon was one of the major settings where events took place; this is where the protagonist Ralph discovered the conch shell. He summoned the other boys with this shell and used it also to govern them. To be used in this capacity, the conch shell became a powerful symbol of civilization and order in the novel. This shows us that Golding effectively integrated the theme civilization by providing the boys the essentials to survive in the setting. The time span in the novel was a very important element of setting that contributed to the development of the main theme of the loss of innocence. "Lord of the Flies" took place over several weeks. This was enough for Golding to successfully build up the theme, but not long enough to stretch the reader's credibility that the events could...
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