Lord of the Flies Savagery

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That Reoccurring Savage Nature of Man
It’s hard to think that even the most civilized looking person can commit heinous atrocities. We all hear about it in the news; people in our societies that are committing unspeakable crimes. In the book Lord of the Flies a group of boys are stranded on an island and result to savagery to get what they want. The boys savage nature allegorically represents the savage nature of man in everyday life. Golding uses symbols such as the Island, the beast and the character Ralph to allegorically show that the human nature of savagery comes from the depth of all human beings.

The Island is a microcosm of the rest of the world, and in this miniaturized version of other societies, Golding shows the savagery that blossoms in every man. A savage person, as defined in the dictionary, is someone who lacks the restraints normal to civilized human beings. After a while of being on the island the boys started disregarding the way they dressed, and looking like savages by not wearing anything. “His sandy hair, considerably longer than it had been when they dropped in, was lighter now; and his bare back was a mass of dark freckles and peeling sunburn. A sharpened stick about five feet long trailed from his right hand, and except for a pair of tattered shorts held up by his knife-belt he was naked.” (Golding 66-67), in that quote you can see how being on the Island is changing Jack and making him disregard his usual ways of dressing, and dressing like a savage. The first thing that comes to mind for most people when thinking of a civilized human being, is someone who takes care of their appearance. This example of Jack in his uncivilized nature, shows the savage nature of man because if it weren’t the expectations of society to dress properly, man would dress like Jack appears; everyday. The next proof that the island shows that the human nature of savagery can appear in all humans is how Golding writes the novel to have biblical...
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