Lord of the Flies Rough Analysis

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Lord of the Flies is a fiction novel written in 1950 by William Golding, a Nobel Literature Prize Winner. The novel is set during a war, on an unmarked island, where a group of young boys are stranded. As they are free from the confinements of rules that were forced upon, the boys struggle with maintaining order, and conflicting sentiments and priorities, until the citizens of the island descend into savagery amid chaos. Golding’s message is that conflicting interests within a group will lead to chaos. The passage opens with Jack and Ralph both discussing Simon. “Simons always about. [...] He’s queer. He’s funny.” This characterizes Simon as wise, and very different from the rest of the boys. While most of the boys are frolicking in waves, he helps Ralph build shelter, not only for himself, but for the others as well, as he realizes that the construction of these shelters is paramount to their survival, further ... Both Jack and Ralph realize this, and begin to see Simon in a different light. This foreshadows his death, as after he had is ‘conversation’ with the Lord of the Flies, he is killed by the rest of the boys, beleiving him to be the beast, but also subconciously noticing his differnce, and fearing it. In the second part of the passage, Jack continues his insistence that hunting is most important. “df.ajdsnfjlans” Got fed up, gone for a bathe

Characterizes jack, and shows his quickness in making assumptions •Tactic consent : still has some sort of tension, but for the ‘greater good’ decide to cooperate •Love and hate – characterizes them both, highlights that although these boys are children, they are having more mature thoughts •Whom they expected to find there – underestimates Simon, shows their junevility, and highlights Simon’s wisdom and difference witht he others •Simon seeing the sand hut – attempt at order and authority, of the past, that failed, and realizes their futility Dominant impression : disorder on the island, such as...
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