Lord of the Flies Research Paper

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Rakwalia Wilson
Mrs. Keel
G Period
3 March 2011
Lord of the Flies Research Paper
According to Webster’s Ninth new Collegiate Dictionary an allegory is defined as a figurative mode of representation conveying a meaning other than the literal. Allegory teaches a lesson through symbolism. In the book, almost every statement or action symbolizes a moral standard either being upheld or neglected. Most readers would assume that the plot is just the adventures of young boys who have been plane wrecked on an island. When indeed it is an incredibly unique way of revealing what happens to society when all means of a civilization is no longer. The famous novel Lord of the Flies is much greater than just a book; it is an incredible moral allegory because every event that occurs in the books conveys a meaning other than the literal.

The first example of how the book is a moral allegory comes when they mention the beastie. “You couldn’t have a beastie, a snake- thing, on an island that size,” Ralph explained kindly.”You only get them in big countries, like Africa, or India.”(Golding 36) It was at this moment the “beastie” was introduced in the book. There indeed was a beast present on the island, only it was not a snake-like creature, or even just a figment of the young boys’ imagination. It did not only exist in large countries, nor did it discriminate. The beast that actually did the most harm on the island was the underlining evil in every single person’s heart. Evil in this context does not mean that the boys had a secret passion to mix potions, or to chant spells. I say evil meaning the boys had covert desire to act in a morally objective behavior. This was not only a secret to the readers, but to the boys as well. When first arriving in the island the boys were determined to display the morals that had been instilled in them while still living in a civilized environment. It is very important that it is stated that the young men plane wrecked on the island were...
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