Lord of the Flies Reading Responce

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Lord of the Flies
By William Golding
Stories and poems end; life doesn’t. When the story ends they get rescued by a naval officer. “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend piggy.”The naval officer is a little embarrassed by the crying children on the island.

I picture Ralph doing most of the talking. I think Jack would still be shocked by the fact that they got saved. From the beginning of the book Jack never thought of the possibility that they were to be saved because no one knew where they were. Ralph being very optimistic throughout the story kept too his belief that they were to be saved by his father or someone like him.

Ralph logically would start from the beginning by telling the officer where they were going and what day they left. That way Ralph and the others could get some kind of idea of how long they we’re on the island. From the earlier conversation in the book the naval officer knows that two of the boys died. Most likely by this time he would ask what their names were. The rest of the boat ride home would continue with a question and answer conversation.

I could assume that the naval officer contacted the castaway’s parents to let them know that they’re still alive. Once the boys exit the ship I picture five or six families waiting for their once missing or deceased children. Piggy, Simon, and the boy with scar on his face’s parents would be crying. By now I’d figure jack has pulled himself together and he and Ralph explain to the adults what happened during their isolation. The parents hearing all of which their boys have gone through cry tears of joy and sorrow. Ralph goes home with a kitchen full of food, indoor plumbing, well fitting non tattered clothing, a nice warm bed, and a nice hot shower. Maybe even a haircut. I could see Ralph adjusting well after his “vacation” but still haunted by memories.
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