Lord of the Flies Questions

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Chapter 1
1) The shell in chapter 1 represents civilization and order. When Ralph and Piggy first meet they underestimate the severity of what has just happened. Ralph playfully flies around like an airplane while Piggy creates small talk. As Ralph finishes him swim by the beach, they both come across the shell which they work together to pull up. Piggy represents the shell as being an expensive, luxury item which on a figurative level could stand for commercialism and the other social standards in our industrialized society. Upon meeting with the other boys, they decide the conch will be used as a mediating stick. He that holds has the right to speak and is used to call order to the situation. 2) As the boys assemble for the first time they decide to hold an election for chief. There are only two candidates, "Him with the shell, him with the trumpet-thing," also known as Ralph, and Jack, the leader of the choir. The choir all raise their hands obediently for Jack while "Every hand outside the choir except Piggy's was raised immediately," for Ralph. The narrator points out Jack, as leader of the choir was the obvious choice and yet, "There was a stillness about Ralph, there was his size and attractive appearance” that make him look strong and noble. Thus, he is elected chief. 3) When Ralph first spots the conch in the lagoon Piggy tells him, "I knew a boy who had one of those, on his garden wall it was, they are ever so valuable." He later tells Ralph that the boy, "he used to blow it to make a noise," and explains to Ralph how to work the shell. Although Ralph actually finds, recovers and blows the conch, Piggy identifies it correctly and informs Ralph that it can be blown.

Chapter 2
1) In the text of the book the Littlun with the “mulberry coloured birthmark” raises two questions. He asks what the boys intend to do about the “snake-thing” and also asks if it will return the coming night. On a figurative level, this stands for the rising fears that the boy’s face and there immaturity towards these irrational thoughts. Symbolically, this immaturity raises other issues, such as why didn't anyone even know his name and why was the exact number of boys never determined? 

2) The fire on the mountaintop represents the boy’s potential to be rescued. Ralph knows all too well that without a fire, there chance of survival is slim to none. He re-enforces this point throughout the novel and creates a fire at the top of the mountain for optimum visibility. On a more figurative note, it represents the boy’s only chance of survival. In contrast, symbolically, the “fire could also refer to beacon fires which were lit during war time as a warning that the enemy was approaching. This might be a disguised allusion to the fact that things were already beginning to go wrong on the island and the first cracks in their society had begun to appear.” (Quote source: http://wikipedia.com) Chapter 3

1) The struggle between civilization and savagery is apparent in this chapter. Ralph feels the priority should be shelter and maintaining the fire. Jack does not care about these essential tasks. His cloudy minded judgement persuades him to forget about any work and go play, hunt and have fun. Two opposing forces are already taking root in the novel and we will see how evil may undermine the entire island before it’s too late in the coming chapters.

2) Ralph's group consists of Piggy, Simon, the twins and a couple of Littluns, aiming to survive and get attention from a ship to be rescued. They just want to do what is necessary to survive on the island and try to put in place rules and agreements to keep as civilized as possible. Jacks group consists of mostly all the choir boys and a few others. They aspire to become hunters, like killing things and making fire. In a sense, they have the same mentality as Cavemen. They aren't too concerned whether they get rescued or not and when it comes down to it, will stop at...
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