Lord of the Flies- Piggy's 3 Journal Entries

Topics: English-language films, Lord of the Flies, Desert island Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: January 20, 2008
Dear Journal,

I am stranded on a desert island with a group of rude and immature boys, and no responsible human being knows I am here. The atmosphere of the island is not very good for my asthma. It is hot and humid, so it's hard to breathe, and I can't even go swimming to cool off, because my Auntie says I can't on account of my asthma. The first boy I met on this island was Ralph, who seems completely disinterested in everything I say. The only thing that caught his interest was when I told him of my loathed nickname, "Piggy." After I warned him that I didn't want people to call me that, he went and blurted it out to the other boys, and since then I have been mocked and tormented to no end. Ralph used the conch that I found to gather all the boys together, and he was appointed leader. Whoever wants to speak has to hold the conch, but whenever I am holding the conch, Jack interrupts me and sometimes he even makes fun of me. If Auntie was here, none of this would be happening; she would take care of me and give me all the sweets I desire. For now, Journal, you are my only friend; the only thing in which I can confide. I am going to go find something to eat now. Later, Piggy

Dear Journal,
Some people on this island just don't realize that they've got to put first things first if they ever want to be rescued. Today we could have been saved by a passing ship, had Jack and his stupid hunters paid attention to the rescue fire. You see, it's their job to maintain and watch the fire. Unfortunately, Jack and his hunters picked today of all days to neglect the fire and when a ship passed by the island, there was no signal to be seen because the fire was dead. When Jack and the hunters returned from their hunt, they were chanting a frightening chant and carrying a dead pig. Ralph reprimanded Jack for his lack of responsibility, and Jack got mad but he apologized. When I complained about the hunters' immaturity, Jack hit me real hard and broke one of the lenses of...
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