Lord of the Flies Notes by William Golding

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Lord of the Flies
Worksheet 1: Introduction
A.The Setting
A deserted island which is describe as a tropical paradise, and with a scar, a lagoon and a beach. It was shown by the appearance that the island was presented as beautiful as the garden of Eden. On the other hand, evilness and danger were hindered and were shown through different sentence throughout the chapters.

B.The Plot
Exposition (Conflicts, confrontation, chaos)
In the middle of a war, a plane with a group of British schoolboys was shot down over a deserted island. Two boys, Ralph and Piggy, found a conch shell, and Piggy suggested that it could be used as a horn to call for the other boys. Once all the boys were there, they decided to elect a leader. They chose Ralph as their leader, and Ralph appointed Jack to be in charge of the choir boys who would be hunting for food. Ralph thinks that they must light a fire by using Piggy’s glasses so to attract the attention of passing ships, hoping that someone would see the fire and save them. The boys succeed in making a fire, but it burned down quickly because no one was watching the fire. Jack thinks that Ralph shouldn’t be the leader and Jack forms a new tribe.

The boys thought that there was a beast in a cave on the island, and none of them dared to go in to find out who or what the beast actually was. Simon was brave, and he found out that the true identity of the beast was actually a dead parachutist. He planned to run down to the beach to tell the rest of the boys, but he ran into the middle of Jack’s tribe’s gathering and they thought that Simon was the beast. They ended up killing Simon. The next morning, Piggy realized that Jack’s tribe had stolen his glasses, so Ralph and Piggy went to find Jack’s tribe and ask for the glasses back. But they refused and Roger rolled a boulder down a mountain and killed Piggy.

Ralph knew that Jack’s tribe would be finding him, hunting him down. So Jack told...
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