Lord of the Flies - Leadership

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The ideas of Leadership and human nature can best be related to an up and coming Hollywood star. They start out all innocent but the fame, fortune, and power catch up with them. It changes them, having people look up to you and knowing that they will follow everything they do allows you to understand the power that you have. They can end up going out of control and it will change them for the worst. The ability to have this kind of power, for Jack, turns him into being obsessive with being the leader of the tribe. When he does not win it makes him really jealous of Ralph. He makes everyone turn on Ralph to become the unofficial leader. The power drives him crazy and starts to beat on kids on the island for no apparent reason, it even escalades to killing them. It is human nature to have the desire for power, to lead other people, and control them, even though we don’t try to the greed can overpower us to do the wrong choices. The human nature of wanting power can come for several different reasons such as competition to be the leader of the tribe, having too much desire to be a leader, and when you are neglected by the others.

A major reason there was greed to have power, in Lord of the Flies, is because there was competition in who would be it. Jack thought he was a shoe-in to be leader since he had the choir to back him up. Instead, Ralph was chosen over Jack. Jack was extremely angry that he lost and believed he deserved to be the leader. It was even embarassing to him because Ralph, who beat him out for being the leader, wasn’t even interested in winning. Jack became obsessed in having power over the tribe that he was ready to go great lengths to get what he wanted. He made some boys on the island feel like outsiders in order to get the tribe on his side. This is an example why competition is a main reason why there was a greed to have power.

A large factor in Lord of the Flies, especially in Jack, is to have...
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