Lord of the Flies Journal

Topics: English-language films, Pig, Cold War Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: July 4, 2011
Marshall Brady

Day 1
I have just selected lord of the flies because it is the only novel out of the ones offered that I had heard of before, I somewhat knew what it was about but didn’t have any in depth perspective on it. This story is told in third person limited. Day 2

So far in the novel the plane has crashed and the boys aboard have managed to survive, none of the adults aboard managed to survive. Most of the dialogue between the boys has been them making fun of piggy due to his weight or the way he looks or his glasses. Day 3

They find a horn and call together an assembly of the boys all of them are males, they call the older ones bigguns and the younger ones littleuns. Ralph turns out to be the leader. They start building shelters. Day 4

Ralph feels the need to protect the littleuns. They maintain a constant fire signal to try and get people to pick them up Day 5
Jack becomes envious of Ralphs power and turns all of his choirboy followers into hunters, who become a threat to ralph. Day 6
The structure that was set up by ralph falls apart and pretty much no one is doing there jobs. So far I have found this novel somewhat hard to follow and complicating. Day 7
So far I believe that the main theme of this story is that with a system of anarchy nothing will get done and a society cannot be ran that way. This was written during the period of the cold war where there was great conflict over government system s and which one was the best so it was only suiting that this book deal with contol. Day 8

So far no new characters have been introduced which is suitable because they cant just drop out of the sky. So far in the story the littleuns have started to believe that there is a “beast” living on the island with them. Day 9

the boys find a head of a dead pig that was left behind by the hunters and one of the boys starts hallucinating and seeing the dead pig head as like the leader of the flies. Then the pig tells him that they have created...
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