Lord of the Flies: Influence of the Setting

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Bader al Issaei January 24, 13 Lord of the Flies
The author Sir William Golding created the story Lord of the Flies. This author uses the setting to develop the main theme of the story. The setting did really create the theme of the story and without it Piggy could have lived. Without this setting the whole story could have changed because it story can be in a camp or in London or even their country. Then the whole story in that case will change. To add to that, there might not be a problem or a lord of the flies. There were a lot of settings he could have chosen but he only chose one, which is the island. He chose where to put the conch and he chose to put a castle rock, and he also chose where to put lord of the flies and what the weather will be. The writer of this story created many ways for using the setting, one general way is the geography of the island, he chose the island, witch I don’t think is a real island in the Pacific Ocean I think he created it, and this island changed the humanity of the boys. In the beginning of the story we are introduced to the creepers, while Piggy was following Ralph we found out that Piggy has asthma. Ralph goes to the beach and finds a bathing pool. So like a normal boy he jumps in the bathing pool but Piggy can’t swim because of the asthma he has. Piggy tests the water, and it was warm. Then we find out that Ralph can swim because his dad is a commander in the navy and he taught him. Piggy’s mom and dad are dead and he lives with his aunt. Then, Ralph found a conch and blew it to call the others so he was voted as chief, he told the others if they want to talk they have to hold the conch. Now the conch became an important symbol in the story and it symbolizes order. In the end of the first chapter Ralph, Jack and Simon discover that it is an island and that there are pigs. Ralph wanted to make a fire but the first one was not...
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