Lord of the Flies: Id Ego and Superego

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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The Lord of the Flies
Some things people are born with, others people need to learn through experiences or are taught. In the book Lord of the Flies the characters resemble “Id” “Ego” and “superego”. “Id” is when something or someone wants whatever feels good regardless of the situation. You are born with your “Id”. “Ego” is when the wants we have, have some consequences. This must be learned. “Superego” is morals, doing the right thing and thinking before acting. “Superego” must be taught. Lord of the Flies is about boys who get stranded on an island with no hope in being rescued. They soon begin to believe that a “beast” is living on the island and they start to panic. The island goes from being the safe, untouched, peaceful area to eventually a destroyed, horrible, and consumed hell from the destruction of the young boys. In The Lord of the Flies, Jack mostly makes his decisions using his “Id”, Ralph makes his decisions using his “Ego”, and Simon makes his decisions using his “Superego”. Jack is a prime example of using his “id” for his actions. He makes a lot of his decisions without thinking and not considering the outcomes. Jack rarely takes other people’s opinions into consideration and is very independent with his actions. When Jack wanted to become the leader of the boys, they had a vote. As the vote finished he stomped away crying. He claims to the boys, “I guess you just won the election” this is an example of selfishness and using his “Id” for poor decisions. In addition, he claims he beast should be hunted and killed. He also states that he will kill it, “The beast is a hunter...” this is yet another example of how he sees no consequences and believes he is completely correct. He gets very angry and upset with Ralphs group after the group splits with their leaders, therefore he decides to steal things from their camp. He says, again, he proves that he acts without considering any potential problems or cruel actions. Ralph, on the other hand, uses...
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