Lord of the Flies - How Does Jack Represent Savagery in the Novel?

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How far do you agree that Jack represents disorder and savagery in the novel? You should refer closely to his words, to events and to actions and opinions of other characters in your answer. (Chapters 1-4)

In this book, Lord of the Flies, we see young boys stranded on an uninhabited island. As the story progresses the boys more savage sides starts to show. I agree that one boy in particular, Jack, seems to represent savagery and disorder more than the other boys.

In chapter 1, Jack is portrayed as a judgemental, arrogant, patronizing older boy, “I ought to be chief,” said Jack with simple arrogance, “Because I’m chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp.” This tells the reader that Jack enjoys being admired and sees others as idiots and thinks they are beneath him. This also shows how much pride Jack has and how he likes to flaunt his achievements in the faces of those that haven’t achieved much.

This can also be seen when Jack says, “You’re talking too much, shut up, Fatty.” This presents Jack as a bully and supports the idea that Jack feels he is superior to the other boys.

Jack hates being humiliated in front of other people and he is starting to feel threatened by Ralph, ‘With dreary obedience the choir raised their hands… Even the choir applauded; and the freckles on Jack’s face disappeared under a blush of mortification.’ this shows that Jack is manipulative towards the choir boys and if Jack were to be chief he would end up being a real dictator and wouldn’t always make the best choices for the boys survival.

Jack seems like the pleasure-seeker, “Come on,” said Jack presently “we’re explorers.” And “come on-” But not ‘come on’ to the top. The assault on the summit must wait while the three boys accept this challenge. The rock was as large as a small motor car.’ This shows that Jack is hedonistic and also destructive at the same time. He finds pleasure in sabotaging things.

In chapter 2, Jack shows a need for bloodlust in killing...
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