Lord of the Flies Final Reflection Lit. Circle

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Jack’s Savagery
From near the beginning of Lord of The Flies, Golding has portrayed Jack as a savage. In the beginning, it started off where he could not stand bloodshed, to the urge of killing a pig, to loving the hunt, bloodshed, and frenzy, to killing kids about his age. Golding foreshadows Jack’s forthcoming as a savage in a scene in Chapter 1, where Ralph, Jack, and Simon go on an expedition to see if the place where they crashed was an island or not. On their way they see a piglet, the only source of meat on the island, for the first time and Jack unsheathes his knife, and positions to kill it, but is hesitant to do so, and in that hesitation, the pig gets away. Ralph asks Jack why he did not kill the pig, even though all three of them know that it was because of “cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood” (Golding 31). Jack makes a show as to he was just choosing the right spot, and in that moment, the pig happened to get away but he would definitely get one next time.

The point where the three of them spot a piglet caught in some creepers, and Jack appears ready to kill, with a knife ready to stab the pig, shows a little bit of savagery poking through this civilized Jack, but when it is time to kill it, he was unable to. “ a pause, a hiatus, ” (Golding 31), Golding emphasizes the fact that Jack was unable to kill the piglet, by mentioning twice, that Jack paused before making an attempt to kill a pig. Currently his civilized side is holding back his savage side. “ ‘I was just waiting for a moment to decide where to stab him.’ ”, shows that Jack was embarrassed about not being able to kill the pig, and was trying to cover it up (Golding 31). He was just trying to look strong in front of Ralph and Simon, because if he did not, he felt that Ralph might look at him as a weak person without courage, which would never open up an opportunity for him to possibly take over the role of a leader.

After the piglet’s escape, Ralph...
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