Lord of the Flies Essay

Topics: Civilization, Barbarian, Garth Ennis Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: November 12, 2011
"Jack signaled the rest of the hunt to be quiet and went forward by himself. He was happy and wore the damp darkness of the forest like his old clothes. He crept down a slope to rocks and scattered trees by the sea." (133, 134)

In the novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a major theme of the novel is the boys’ adaption from being civilized to savagery. The novel highlights the boys growing apart from their old innocent ways to wild, bloodthirsty savage boys. Throughout the novel, Golding emphasizes how Jack’s demeanor has changed dramatically since he has been on the island, from being a leader of a chorus to a chief of a savage tribe.

The image of the damp darkness represents savagery, which helps to reinforce the extinction of the civilization in the boys. For example, the darkness, which Jack wore to lead the tribe, symbolizes the evil that exists in all mankind. This reveals that Jack has easily transformed from being a hunter to being a brutal leader. The boys’ actions on the island have justified the loss of his innocence, and now wear darkness for all to see brutality. An example of how darkness endures in Jack’s side of the island was when the boys killed Simon. This proves how the boy’s condition of once being civilize degraded to losing their innocence, and becoming barbaric. The darkness featured in many of the boys throughout the novel demonstrates how the boys work together on their side of the island of savagery. For example, Jack and Roger are compared to ink-stains to prove how the two boys leading the other side of the island aren’t humanized or urbane. Ink stains can represent dark permanent features. This reveals that Jack’s innocence has declined substantially since becoming chief of the other side of the island. Ralph motivates Jack in becoming this dark power-hungry leader, since Jack wants to prove that he was better chief than Ralph. Jack doesn’t care about being rescued off the island at this point, all he wants to do is...
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