Lord of the Flies Essay

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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William Golding writes this story to show the contrast between Treasure Island’s ideas of perfect school boys and non-savage human beings to the reality of the evil in every man and that no boy behaves like they do in Treasure Island. He shows this by using the same setting and characters in his after war novel Lord Of The Flies, causing those who have read Treasure Island to rethink the maybe simplicity and barely destructive behaviour response to the situation. This is shown through the violence and grown up personalities the different boys take on. Golding was writing at a time when evil and devastation was a daily accurance and filled lives with propaganda and false hopes, Golding reflected this through his perception of the boys. Golding had also experienced first-hand school boys; he discovered they were not how they were painted in Treasure Island, as well as war by serving in the British navy during World War II. Golding had incorporated the ideas and things he saw from war into his work, this brought the real English school boy and the pure evil inside all to life. He had managed to bring to life his poetic ideas of humanity and society. In Lord of the Flies Golding uses the island to make the reader infer that we are all isolated and alone. He shows this also by describing the vast ocean around and how the island is unreachable and unmapped. I personally think that this reflects the idea of becoming lost in the crowd and how this beautiful place stands out. This is also is shown by the picturesque descriptions of the island making it seem like a diamond among rocks. As the boys are isolated from being on the island them slowly begin to make their own two groups. The two groups of boys symbolise how society can either reject someone or except them depending on their beliefs and those of society, it also show to us that we each react differently in situations. At some points in the books deaths accrue firstly Simon’s who is the Christ like figure of the...
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