Lord of the Flies Essay

Topics: Mind, Psychology, Thought Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Lord of the Flies
The beast is non-existent, yet it cannot be tamed. It is a figment of the human imagination, but it still causes fear. Sometimes, it only takes thought to produce fear, even in the bravest of minds. Thoughts have the ability to produce images, which leads the mind to believe that the beast is real. The author uses various techniques to portray the beast’s significance in “Lord of the Flies”. In this story, this “beast” is shown to be a symbol of hatred, causing the children to fear and despise it. Some of these techniques include symbolism, irony, and character behaviour. Initially, one of the most visible techniques used to show that the beast is presumed real is symbolism. For example, Piggy being bullied by the other children because of his certain characteristics such as his weight. An example of this is when he states “'I don't care what you call me so long as...it's not what they used to call me in school...They used to call me Piggy!'" (pg. 11). This symbolizes the beast’s significance, precisely because it shows the reader how fear can lead to irrational decisions and conclusions. It also shows how consumed people become with their beliefs. According to the other children on the island, Piggy is illustrated as ugly, and unattractive, and is also shown as socially inept. The beast also possesses the same qualities as Piggy, showing symbolism, as this beast is shown as a repulsive force, with no connectivity to the social world. Piggy was judged by the other children on the island solely on his looks, just like the beast, and that is one of the main reasons why it is despised. Furthermore, another important technique that shows the beast’s significance is irony. One example of this is when Simon was rushing to tell the other’s that the beast did not exist, but was killed in the process, as the other children did not recognize him, and only saw him as the beast. Despite his struggles to remind the other children about who he was, he was...
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