Lord of the Flies Essay

Topics: Human, William Golding, Natural environment Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Tom Show
Mrs. M
11th CB English
9 October 2011
Lord of the Flies
Now there are a numerous amount of things that went wrong on the island full of children. But that is expected when boys are left with out any adult supervision. Except they turned into wild animals with out any supervision. You would be mortified if you only knew what a group of twelve year old boys and under were capable of. Their innocence stolen from their cleansed child souls. William Golding did a perfect job of tearing down the curtains shading the human eyes from what it once was.

The first thing that went wrong on the island was an immediate tension between the two eldest and most leadership types, Ralph and Jack. That automatically brought an aggressive competitiveness to the island. It would be like a football game with out any referees, as soon as one questionable event would take place without a referee to settle it, Hell would be sure to erupt. Like only Piggy fully understands, Ralph and Jack should not have let the children including themselves to act “like a crowd of kids” (Golding 38). Ralph begins to pick up on being responsible, but when he starts, Jack begins to do the opposite, by trying to look like the fun and action packed group, and saying that Ralph is the boring nerdy group. And Jack succeeded.

The starting point of what caused things to really turn out badly was when Ralph and Jack officially turned into separate groups. It was the beginning of a little mini war. As soon as the children, mainly the littluns, felt they had to choose a side is really when it turned bad. Because when seven year old children are given the choice to either have fun or be responsible free or have responsibilities and be mature. Jack even says “my group gets to go and hunt and have fun”(Golding 128), Of course they are all going to choose to be wild and do what they want. But what they did not know was that as soon as they joined his “tribe” was that there would be cruel...
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