Lord of the Flies Essay

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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Lord of the Flies Essay

In the novel, Lord of the flies, the most surprising thing i found was that in an interview with William Golding and Jack Bile, they came to conclude that Ralph was crying for piggy, even though "he should have been crying for Simon." I firmly disagree with that statement for the following reasons. First off, Ralph symbolized fairness and equality, while piggy was just a stereotypical "nerd", so it seems reasonable when both have the utter most respect for one another. Ralph and piggy have been together since they found each other upon first arriving. Ralph even goes into a deep conversation about life at home and how piggy is a great listener. Secondly, piggy was Ralph's only source of comfort. Piggy always encouraged and believed in Ralph and Ralph's capabilities. Simon, however, barely said anything and mostly kept to himself, therefore its fine that he didn’t shed a tear for Simon. During the first meeting, people kept interrupting Ralph so piggy stood up and told everyone, even though they made fun of him, to listen to Ralph.  In conclusion, Ralph cries for piggy instead because he has a brotherly connection to him and feels that the least he can do is mourn his best friend. Throughout literature and life, people come and go and its not the ones you’ve been with the longest that matter, its those people who you shared the most memories with. So yes, I’m very surprised due to the fact that people think that he should have cried for Simon, even though Simon was barely ever involved in Ralph's life. 
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