Lord of the Flies - Discussion Questions

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Group 1 – Discussion Questions
Chapters 1-5

* Review the main events of each chapter in your section. 1.  The two main characters, Ralph and Piggy, are introduced. The background of the situation deals with a plane carrying a group of English boys crashing into a deserted island. Ralph finds a conch, and uses it to summon the rest of the boys from around the island, including a boys’ choir led by Jack. Ralph is voted leader, and goes exploring with Jack and Simon. During their exploration, they discover and almost kill a wild pig. 2. The conch is given further power by being a crude version of a “talking rain stick”, where the person who holds the conch is given the right to speak and be listened by the rest of the boys. Rumours of a ‘beastie’ monster, or a snake, scares some of the younger boys. Roles with different tasks are given to different groups of boys, in an attempt to be organized. The boys make a ‘signal fire’ on the top of the mountain to attract passerby vessels to the island, in hopes of rescue. 3. Ralph and Jack have a falling-out, which centres around Jack’s inability to catch a pig, and the lack of work that the rest of the boys do make Ralph frustrated. Ralph and Simon build the shacks that the other boys failed to complete, and Ralph begins to harbour a mutual dislike with Jack. 4. Jack’s crew let the signal fire go out in order to find and kill a pig, which they do achieve. Ralph sees a ship on the horizon, but realizes that the fire went out and the ship passes by without noticing the stranded boys. Furious, Ralph rebukes Jack and makes him apologize, but not before Jack slaps Piggy and breaks one of his glasses lens. 5. Ralph commences another meeting and berates the boys for not working hard enough. The group continues to be scared of the monsters in the forest, despite Ralph and Piggy’s protests. Jack torments Piggy, and gains the attention of the group, causing Ralph to have a lapse of faith in his own leadership....
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